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Films for Artists

We make short films for artists, sculptors, photographers, designers, architects and other creative people about their work and ideas.

The films can run in a gallery where you’re showing, and they can be given to potential patrons, sponsors and clients. And they can be shown on websites.

The films are 'forward structured,’ allowing for updates over time to add the artist's latest works.

The cost of a film depends on length and location(s).

Quote from sculptor Maty Grunberg about the short film we made with him: “I asked Jack Pizzey to make a 10-minute film about my work and I used it throughout my retrospective in New York. The gallery ran my film, helping to promote the concept of my show, and it was an excellent tool for engaging the public.”

Films for Artists' is the brainchild of documentary maker Jack Pizzey, who has made over a hundred documentaries for the BBC and Channel Four and for America’s 'Arts and Entertainment Channel', Discovery Channel and Public Broadcasting System.


Jack Pizzey (left) on location

A London house by architect Cezary Bednarski

Sculptor Maty Grunberg