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Screenplays by Jack Pizzey


Billy Elliott meets The Book of Mormon
and goes to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their Major Blunder and General Chaos couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag and no one knows why they're even in Iraq and Afghanistan, so Private Joe and his girl and his mates treat the whole catastrophe as a big joke. HBO's satire star Tom Arnold writes, "Your show is so damn ridiculously good and funny too and that has been a pleasure reading and rereading." Sir Michael (Warhorse) Morpurgo writes, "I like what you're doing immensely."

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You Gotta Be Crazy to Look for it!

In Oh Brother Where Art Thou, the Coen Brothers set eighteen American songs to a quest in Mississippi; Trelawny's Gold sets eighteen British songs to a quest in Cornwall. With Cornishmen belting out their national anthem Shall Trelawny Die - here's twenty thousand Cornishmen shall know the reason why a trio of hapless adventurers braves the tide to wade to the castle on St Michael's Mount. They break in and grab Bishop Trelawny's ring to guide them to gold that he hid when he was sent to the Tower in 1688. But the gold is guarded by a Roundhead soldier with no face at all, and his vile dog Fiend who'll pursue them across Cornwall – and also across time - as the ring jerks them from one historic encounter to another.

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"Gonna hijack them fatcat bankers from their yachts and casinos and put'em on trial in Justice, Tennessee." Nail'em is The Italian Job meets The Wolf of Wall Street. Who doesn't want to see some of those untouchable bankers from the Crash actually get their come-uppance? At last? Isn't it about time? To go after three bankers who've shafted them, three Brits and three Americans assemble in Justice and target a race-horse-owning Mayfair hedge-funder, a casino-and-escort-loving Wall Street CEO, and a yacht-owning merchant banker who's foreclosed on the young American couple's dodgy mortgage, and dished the English girl's bank. He has two very scary bodyguards.

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Crack On

Blood, honour and duty. Two soldiers face a Taliban commander. He fights with honour so they're in his debt. When they get him in their sights should they pull the trigger? Private Joe Willing with Sergeant Dave Welshman are boots-on-the-ground in a war that pits them against the awesome Sorab. In Iraq their regiment is driven out but they crack on and soon they're in Afghanistan facing him. Welshman falls for an Afghan girl, Farah. Sorab uses her to bait a trap. They try to rescue her and now they're prisoners in his stronghold. He stabs a finger at Joe's wrist and hisses you have the watches but we have the time! Farah is sentenced to be stoned to death but as a matter of honour Sorab lets her go free. Joe and Welshman manage to escape and when Sorab comes to attack their base at nightfall, they suddenly get a chance to kill him. Should they pull the trigger? They must face a warrior's dilemma: What is Duty? What is Honour?

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Sir David Beatty
(Screenplay in development)
1916: Taken under the wing of national hero Admiral Beatty and his billionaire American wife, Andrew Roberts is the luckiest young officer in the navy. But what will he do when he witnesses one reckless act after another and realises that his dashing patron is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and getting 4,000 of his own men killed including Andrew's young Midshipman brother? In a naval hospital Andrew and his mother get to the bedside of a badly burned sailor and whisper that they need to know what happened. The dying man chokes out the words 'Beatty. It was Beatty.'